Ocean Initiative


We are a Cape Town-based non-profit organisation established in 2018 by four like-minded friends. Our focus is on coastal environmental education and ocean pollution awareness. 

We hope to defend South African waters and beaches against marine litter through education, beach clean-ups and corporate engagement. With a growing team of passionate volunteers and partners we get communities involved in addressing the global pollution crisis.

We achieve this through our Defenders of the Blue school program, collaborative clean up initiatives, informative talks and dedicated efforts to find alternatives to single-use plastic.

More than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped in our oceans every year!

With the global plastic pollution crisis on the rise, we face more and more devastating consequences for our marine life, delicate ecosystems and endangered species. Dwindling fish stocks which support thousands of jobs in coastal communities are directly affected while demand for seafood and resources grow. 50% of our oxygen is generated by our oceans, this is threatened by overfishing and oxygen-depleted dead zones caused by harmful fertiliser and sewerage run-off. Habitat’s are further disrupted and whole systems destroyed by toxic dumping practices, oil spills, seismic activity and alarming warmth and acidification linked to climate change. 

Our beach clean-ups are collaborative events; uniting local businesses, NGOs, clubs, individuals and families through the common goal of mitigating these effects. Our key focus is reducing our contributions to landfills through zero-waste practices at every clean. We collect data for research and statistical purposes as well as to monitor, evaluate and improve our effectiveness. Further to that, we encourage and support eco-bricking for non-recyclable waste. Our main goal involves awareness and positive corporate communication. We engage local South African businesses in discussions and strategies arising from the urgent need for change in its production, consumption and disposal of plastic waste.


Chat to us about how you can get involved in making a difference and helping others to #SeaTheBiggerPicture. Your time and donations both large and small contribute towards our shared vision of plastic-free oceans.


Donate via Snapscan, Paypal or EFT.


Join our Beach Cleanup Events or become a volunteer.

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