World Recycling Day

While we wish it was recycling day everyday, but we’re pretty happy to have environmental holidays as a reminder that kicks everybody into gear – hopefully sustainably so. As we celebrate world recycling day today, we excitedly finalise the relaunch of our Beach Clean Events in April 2021. COVID set […]

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The Impact Of Greenwashing


The Earth is in dire need of our attention, and even though many people across the world are going “green”, the planet needs more sustainable green efforts. Ocean pollution is on a constant rise, and if we really care for sustainability, we need more truly sustainable practices across all spheres […]

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Our habits, Our change


The conversation around waste, waste management and mitigation solutions for ocean pollution remains a complex one. We have a climate crisis at hand, backed by a plethora of scientific data with visible signs of distress we can no longer ignore. We have only the next decade to make a real […]

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Reasons To Find Solutions For Ocean Pollution

Ocean Pollution

As the human population grows dramatically, and consumer companies keep finding a cheaper way to create their products, many forget what negative impacts these products can cause to the environment, specifically our oceans and the creatures living in them. One of the largest contributors to our ocean’s pollution is plastic. […]

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