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“When the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind”  DONATE   VOLUNTEER


Chairperson & Founder of STBP Ocean TechChris is a Cape Town local and project manager for a construction company. Though he has always been very connected to nature, joining the world of free-diving at the beginning of 2018 reignited his passion for the ocean in particular. Being surrounded by passionate environmentalists has driven Chris to take on the global plastic pollution crisis that threatens our ocean. He heads the organisation – originally co-founded with Shamier Magmoet – leading beach clean events, collaborative initiatives, funding networks and has since founded a for-profit ocean technology company called STBP Ocean Tech.

Financial Director & PhotographerNatasha – better known as Tash – is a property broker and photographer. She started scuba diving when she was a teenager which is where her passion for the ocean originated. This drove her original move from Johannesburg to Cape Town, wanting to be nearer to the ocean and pursue her photographic interests. She now protects the ocean she loves by encouraging development and change through positive communication and support, both community based and corporate. As head of finances, she takes the lead on key funding initiatives and delivering proposals, while still creating time to be actively involved at events where she captures photographs for use by the team at large.

Social Media Manager & PhotographerJuneid was the kid who chose National Geographic over cartoons, the beach over the pool. An avid soccer player, free-diver and all-round nature lover, he found himself especially in awe of the world of underwater photography. His camera became his best friend and his most loyal dive companion. Through the beauty of his photography both on land and sea, he creates awareness and educates others, soon he’ll launch prints and share his art in a different way. JP is our lead social content creator, support photographer and oversight for Defenders of the Blue.

Communications & Impact StrategyA Capetonian creative, writer and free-diver, Stefanie’s heart lies with the ocean, intersectional environmentalism and sharing that love with others through storytelling and photography. Her passion for diversity, human stories, mindful living and sustainable design found a home with #STBP quite spontaneously after a sunset beach clean up event just 5 months after #STBP was founded. Her gift for communication led to her involvement in assisting with brand partnerships, the co-ordination of clean-ups as well as copywriting and collaborative communication. She has since joined the directorship as the lead on all things written word, supports the social media department and is the lead facilitator for Defenders of the Blue.

Chat to us about how you can get involved in making a difference and helping others to #SeaTheBiggerPicture. Every volunteer, donation and online share contributes towards our shared vision of plastic-free oceans.

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