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About Plastic (Copy) (Copy)

About Plastic
The “Defenders of the Blue” programme engages children from across the Cape Metropole area in beach-based learning experiences. These workshops teach children about coastal ecology, and how to mitigate the nasty effects of litter and pollution on the environment and ocean life. Through rock pool snorkeling, learners are introduced to the diverse and beautiful marine life of our shores and participate in group beach clean-ups.We host talks at schools, markets, and other environmental events advocating for changes in plastic consumption and disposal.Our beach clean-ups are collaborative events, uniting local businesses, NGOs, clubs, individuals and families through the common goal of litter eradication. We collect data to monitor and evaluate our effectiveness, and for research purposes.#SEATHEBIGGERPICTURE Ocean Initiative aims to engage corporate South Africa and encourage urgent changes in its production, consumption and disposal of plastic waste.

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