30th Aug 2020

Reasons To Find Solutions For Ocean Pollution

Ocean Pollution

As the human population grows dramatically, and consumer companies keep finding a cheaper way to create their products, many forget what negative impacts these products can cause to the environment, specifically our oceans and the creatures living in them. One of the largest contributors to our ocean’s pollution is plastic.

A Major Contributor To Ocean Pollution

Plastic! Plastic in the ocean is like a virus being released in a populated area, spreading bit by bit and slowly killing everyone in its reach. People struggle to see that just one straw or one little spoon can cause great damage. Multiply that one straw by the millions, if not billions. And you’ll soon find waves of plastics covering the earth’s surface. Plastic can take many years to degrade, and even when it does, it becomes smaller in size and even more difficult to try and remove from the ocean. You don’t need to use a plastic product as there are many safer items to rather use as an alternative. However, despite pleas from those who want to save the world and its oceans, the popularity of plastic continues and with it, more pollution.

Solutions For Ocean Pollution

Products such as reusable bottles are so simple yet very effective as one of the many solutions to ocean pollution. When you happen to see a polluted shoreline, nevermind the amount that is also floating out there, plastic bottles are what would catch your eye first. Yes, buying a plastic bottle of water or fruit juice may seem convenient, but we all need to educate ourselves as well as others, that in this case, convenience is not the correct path.

If you have no choice but to use a plastic item, rather make use of the correct recycling techniques. At least then you will have the comforting knowledge that these used plastic items will be disposed of in the correct method.

If you come across a piece of trash, especially on the beach, pick it up. Every bit counts and if we all make an effort to clean up after ourselves, the millions of tons of pollution that is slowly killing our oceans will lessen drastically.

People need to be aware of how serious this problem actually is. Why? Well because it has been increasing slowly over time. Like the saying, put a frog in boiling water and it will jump out or die immediately, but put a frog in cold water and slowly bring it to the boil, it won’t even notice. If we all saw the state of our oceans as they are now, 50 years ago, we would see the bigger picture.

Be The Solution To Ocean Pollution

To be a part of our solutions to ocean pollution awareness, contact our team at Sea The Bigger Picture. Get involved with our projects and initiatives, browse through our website and see how you can not only help in reducing plastic in our oceans but also participate in other ocean projects and ventures. And at the same time, don’t throw your plastic bottles in the sea as well as cigarette buds. Rather carry around a portable ashtray container or any seal-tight container when on the beach. Another way to be the solution is to donate to our company and support our efforts in both beach Clean Up and Defenders of the Blue as well! Every little bit helps!

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