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Coastal Environmental Education SA Is Vital To Create Defenders Of The Blue

It’s an unfortunate reality when the youth of today knows more about technological devices and popular brands than it does about what is going on in the world. Ask the youth about what global crises are on the rise, and all you’ll get is shrugged shoulders. Ask the youth of today about which ecosystems are currently affected, and you’ll get a vague answer. Ask the youth about what animal species are now on the endangered list, and you might not even get a response. With this lack of knowledge and awareness, older generations wonder why there is no action taken on behalf of the younger generation. And, we all wonder why there is no passion for a purposeful future.

Passion Triggers Purpose

Older generations need to instil a passion in younger generations. However, how does one instil passion when younger generations are gripped to their devices, ignorant to what is going on in the world? To instil a love in young hearts, it’s about exposing young minds to all that is and all that needs to be done. You cannot expect more youthful generations to fight the good fight when they haven’t even been exposed to what is actually going on in the world.

A Passion For The Underwater World

Passion starts at a young age. A love for the underwater world begins there too. A purpose of helping marine life and saving our local waters against the global plastic pollution crisis and the overfishing crisis can start there as well. It’s the responsibility of older generations to educate and expose younger generations to marine habitats, marine life, coastal communities, ecosystems and endangered species. For younger generations to Sea The Bigger Picture, coastal environmental education SA is essential. Fortunately, there are some like us who offer this.

What Does Coastal Environmental Education SA Involve?

Triggering passion in young hearts, Sea The Bigger Picture sets out on a mission to educate learners about South Africa’s coastal ecology and how to mitigate the effects of pollution. Younger generations are introduced and exposed to diverse marine life which inhabits local shores. Through this exposure and education, a passion for the underwater world is created, and future leaders of marine protection and conversation are created. Through beach clean-ups, data collection, research, the promotion of recycling and proper waste disposal, young minds are moulded into conservational thinking, with action continued throughout their lives.

How Can You Get Involved?

Education, passion and purpose start from home. It begins with you as the older generation to teach your children and expose them to issues. It starts with you to instil a love and passion for the vast world and its oceans. It starts with you allowing your children to participate in all that Sea The Picture offers and enable them to partake in Coastal Environmental Education SA. Contact us today to see how we can help your youth become the leaders of tomorrow. Please get involved today and let us work together to create defenders of the blue.

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